UAPPGEN: UA Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Purpose: To educate and inspire a new generation of young adults to advocate for reproductive freedom.

Who are we? UAPPGEN is a group of individuals who believe that all people are entitled to reproductive freedom. This freedom has many forms and we can only recognize all of them if we work from an intersectional and diverse base. Working with our local Planned Parenthood affiliate we seek to engage our community not only in comprehensive sexual education but also raise awareness to the threats that are directed towards women’s reproductive choices.

What do we do? As a campus organization, the main focus in our events and programming is empowerment. We fully acknowledge the lack of accurate, scientific sexual education in the United States and more specifically in Arizona. One of our main goals for this semester is to provide comprehensive sexual information to the UA community. We hope to accomplish this through open discussions that are facilitated by students, for students. Beyond education, we are an advocacy group for reproductive rights. Our advocacy includes lobbying of lawmakers, canvassing our local community, and making our voices heard in both State and Federal government.

Interested in Joining? We are always looking for individuals who are motivated to help us in our fight for reproductive justice. We invite people of all identities to drop in on a meeting and introduce yourself. For more information, please visit us on social media.