About Us








Our Mission

The mission of the WGRC is to serve as a hub for education, programming, collaborations, and advocacy on issues of gender and equity, giving special attention to the need for preventative measures around sexual assault and violence on our college campus. Our work occurs at the intersection of many identities such as race, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and ability.

The WGRC seeks to fulfill this mission by:

  • providing programs and education that engage issues of sexual assault, violence, relationships, sex, gender, and equity with critical but supportive thinking and conversation,
  • housing the FORCE Internship (Feminists Organized to Resist, Create, and Empower)  and providing opportunities for professional development, leadership development, education, and activism,
  • supporting the student club UA Planned Parenthood Generation Action 
  • providing a welcoming space with free student resources, including meeting space, relaxation space, computer workspace, and a Feminist Pharmacy (free personal/hygiene items),
  • and historically hosting the Greater Women’s Interests Collaborative and the Sexual Assault Prevention Council.

A Feminist Framework

The University of Arizona Women and Gender Resource Center strives to instill feminist attributes and goals in its programs and organizational structure. By "feminist" we acknowledge that gender is a central lens through which we conduct inquiry—critically considering what it means to be sexed, raced, and historically and culturally situated and we aim to propose alternatives to traditionally male models of leadership, thought and practice.

We ascribe to a broadly defined, fluctuating and inclusive feminist ideology that welcomes discordant viewpoints from varied experiences. We are a part of a broader social movement that dismantles oppressive structures and unifies people. We work to build a community that acknowledges and supports resistance to racism, classism, sexism, ableism and heterosexism.