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Survivor Advocacy at UA

Confidential, emotional support. Academic support & accommodations. Help with Title IX reporting & navigation. Assistance getting No Contact Orders on campus. Referrals to Counseling & Psych Services. Connection to Community Resources. 

Domestic Violence Law Clinic

  • James E. Rogers College of Law provides free legal services and advice for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV).

ASUA Student Legal Services

Women's Health at Campus Health (Birth control, Plan B, STI testing and treatment, papsmears):


The Ombuds Program was established to create a climate on the University campus which provides employees and students with an option other than formal grievance procedures to resolve disputes. Are you unsure of how to handle a complex, tense, or unideal situation with a supervisor, colleague, classmate, or roommate? Are you interested in responding to a situation in the most effective way possible? Do you have a situation that has gotten out of hand? We invite you to contact us to help you move forward in a responsive and positive manner, no matter how small, large, or messy your situation may be. If it isn’t something we can assist you with directly, we can connect you to other helpful resources.

Queer Closet

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