Black Lives Matter

We join the thousands of people grieving, uprising and enraged at the deaths of Black trans, queer, women, men and children.

Women centers have a legacy of uplifting and centering cis gender white women, including UA’s WRC. As a resource center on occupied Tohono O'odham land at a university institution,  we need to acknowledge that we are complicit in state violence. We acknowledge this fact because statements from organizations, institutions and businesses stating Black Lives Matter is not enough.

It feels important to share that our current staff, including our student staff, are made up of Black, brown, LGBTQ+ and long-time Tucson community members, primarily femmes of  color. We are committed to centering Black, indigenous, survivor, queer and trans lives and narratives. We are listening, learning, unlearning, and disrupting. We envision a future on campus and in our communities that prioritizes funding for harm repair models,  which includes necessary budgets to cultural and resource centers.